試験科目:IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analyst
問題と解答:全70問 C2010-555専門試験

>> C2010-555専門試験

試験科目:IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V2
問題と解答:全60問 C9010-262再テスト

>> C9010-262再テスト


JPexamのC9010-262再テストの超低い価格に反して、 JPexamに提供される問題集は最高の品質を持っています。そして、もっと重要なのは、JPexamは質の高いサービスを提供します。望ましい問題集を支払うと、あなたはすぐにそれを得ることができます。JPexamのサイトはあなたが最も必要なもの、しかもあなたに最適な試験参考書を持っています。C9010-262再テストを購入してから、また一年間の無料更新サービスを得ることもできます。一年以内に、あなたが持っている資料を更新したい限り、JPexamは最新バージョンのC9010-262再テストを捧げます。JPexamはあなたに最大の利便性を与えるために全力を尽くしています。



NO.1 A customer with a Power 770 is planning a migration to an E870. The 770 has four 8GbPCie 2-
port Fibre
Channel Adapters with all storage going through the SAN. The customer wants to keep the same
and avoid a SAN reconfiguration.
What procedure should be recommended?
A. Order new HBAs and modify the WWPNs in the ASM I.
B. Order a PCIe Gen31/0 Expansion Drawer and relocate the HBAs into the drawer.
C. Move the HBAs from the 770 and install t hem into the E870 system node.
D. Rezone the SAN because the existing WWPNs cannot be reused.
Answer: C

C9010-262復習対策   C9010-262試験対策   

NO.2 For budgeting purposes, a customer wants to set aside all the storage for a particular workload
which will
run on 12 LPARs in Power E870. The CIO is worried that allocating all the storage to each LPAR from
beginning can lead to lack of storage in long term.
How can Shared Storage Pools benefit this customer?
A. When storing data on Shared Storage Pools, the data automatically compressed to take less space.
B. Shared Storage pools automatically move data in the background to where it is needed most.
C. Shared Storage Pools provide automatic data archiving tools that prevent overconsumption of the
D. Al l the storage will be al located to the VIO servers but can be given to LPARs as requi red.
Answer: A


NO.3 Which of the following solutions satisfies a customer's requirement for redundant FSPs in an
A. Two ES70 system nodes.
B. Two ES70 system nodes and two System Control units.
C. One ES70 system node and two System Control units.
D. One ES70 system node and one System Control unit.
Answer: C


NO.4 Comparing an Oracle Exadata to an E870, what advantage does an E870 have when compared
to the Exadata?
A. E870 provides more cores for greater scaling.
B. E870 supports the Oracle 12c database.
C. E870 provides an ability to add cores and memory in a more granular manner.
D. E870 provides support for SSD.
Answer: B